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Low Back Pain

I find Dr Mike Evans presentations excellent.

Back problems often come when the infrastructure of the back doesn’t work as it should. This happens for many reasons and the fix is generally to do with getting the whole system to work in a coordinated fashion again.

Mikes video is an excellent thorough intro that gives you the clear details you need. There is far too much confusing information so it’s important to start with reliable and clear details and then see what it relevant for you.

To understand how walking and related activities help you only need to put your hand on your back while you move. Feel the muscles work while you move and you see that something inherently gentle still asks enough of your back muscles and infrastructure to remind it all how to work together.

Now take a look at Katy Bowmans advice that gives you a really simply thing to do if you have low back pain.

Occasionally I suffer from back pain but I’m fortunate in that I know what causes it. Sometimes it’s induced by activity, typically tennis, and is quickly fixed with a little rest combined with improvements in technique and strengthening the affected area and improving flexibility.

Other times I have had back pain caused by too much rest. This happens when I haven’t been busy, particularly when I haven’t been as active as normal. In these cases even something as simple as walking is enough to prevent back pain for me.

Years ago I drove 1,000 miles in one week for work so I was sitting pretty much all week. That lead to back pain. I made sure I went to play football that week and it was enough to fix it.

Worse happened when I sprained my ankle. Being unable to move normally for days led to excruciating pain to the point that I couldn’t sleep or even lay down without pain. I had to sit up all night and any movement was agony. Painkillers did nothing to stop the pain. Given my previous experience I knew that moving normally would help my back. So once I could put pressure on my ankle I started moving again. This fixed most of the backpain within a day. It got my back to coordinate itself properly and stop causing pain.

As I think of it I’ve seen a few more examples of back pain, each alleviated simply by movement. It won’t fixed or help every condition though it has amazed me just how helpful it can be even in excruciating cases.

I haven’t talked about back pain yet on this blog so I hope this initial post bridges the gap well for now.

Peter Attia and Scott McGill

I have been following Peter for many years and love this deep dive video interview #287 ‒ Lower back pain: causes, treatment, and prevention of lower back injuries and pain | Stuart McGill, Ph.D.

This is like any interview by Peter Attia in that it is very very thorough and full of exquisite detail. So as a reference for the causes of backpain, the anatomy and physiology of and everything related to recovery this is wonderful. Peter is a medical doctor (Not just someone with a phd) interviewing Professor Stuart McGill a world leading expert on backpain and rehabilitation head of BackFitPro.

This is really the most complete and in depth discussion I have heard on low back pain injury and its causes.

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