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Can you train your skin to resist sun damage?

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I Just had an urge to understand Melanoma the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Not sure why just seemed like a good idea. Partly because I’ve been wondering what new developments there are in our knowledge and what trends are associated with this kind of cancer. I’m glad I checked it out. Turns out that it’s intermittent exposure to the sun that’s …

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Is it exercise or vitamin d that helps fight cancer?

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I’ve just been reading a fascinating article at http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2008/06/more-fat-soluble-vitamin-musing.html which in part makes a case for low levels of vitamin d being linked with higher incidence of cancer. Other vitamins and disease links are also put forward. I can’t help wondering though at our insistence that diet must be a fundamental cause of our problems. A show I watched last night hinted …