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On quest I have had over the years is to find online physiotherapy centres. You would think that there is someone who is doing for physiotherapy what essential tennis and other sites do for tennis. You email photos and videos. and get analysis either from experts or a community.

Seems like a no brainer in this day and age doesn’t it. Well that hasn’t been my experience. So I thought I should share the problem and see if anyone can solve it for me.

What I am looking for is a site

  • with high quality information on a wide range of sporting injuries and treatments. 
  • Preferably with video instruction as well
  • a facility to ask specific questions for a small fee and upload details like photos and videos for analysis
  • designed to improve my knowledge of my own body. Not hiding the details but slowly building my understanding of myself.
  • helping me fit the way I live with the way I move

It’s a specific set of requirements and nothing has really fit the bill so far. So if you have a recommendation then please post a comment.

Research so far

I had a quick search a while back and found these results but haven’t had the time to follow them up. I share mainly to show market as I saw it. I would like to know if anyone has experience with any of these sites and companies and what they thought of them. With the tennis sites I’ve had very good experiences over time because they made it easy to gain this experience without much expense or effort from me. I don’t see this approach in online physio world. You must pay first before you find out. That puts me off. 

The details I’ve recorded vary according to what I found on the site. I was searching for advice about my ankle injury. I can see I learnt something from these sites. Hopefully they do what I ask it just wasn’t obvious. If this helps you and you can enlighten me further thats great.

Physios-online: ankle sprain

  • £100 initial consultation. 
  • Then an app. 
  • An Australian company.


  • A large proportion of injuries do not need hands-on physio treatment. 
  • £28, 
  • clunky web site. 
  • UK based. 
  • Not sure if there’s an app. 

Ankle exercises

For the inclusive package of £28, you receive a personalised injury self management programme comprising exercises and expert advice from your chosen physio.

Included in this price is a follow up assessment, which you can choose to take at any time within 3 months folllowing the initial assessment.

Physio Directory:

  • Searchable List of practitioners.

Physio Bob

  • Physio forum. Topics include; patient Q&A,
  • Useful place for research and questions.

Physio Adviser

aska physio

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