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What can snooker teach us about obesity? Yes, it might actually have health benefits part three

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If you haven’t already, read part one and part two Ronnie O’Sullivan is an amazing player just with his right hand, but his ability with his left hand gives him a real edge because it gives him much better reach. If you haven’t played snooker, then it’s important to know that every so often, the best shot to play is impossible to actually …


What can snooker teach us about obesity? Yes, it might actually have health benefits part one

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Snooker is probably the last sport that you would consider to be in any way healthy, let alone teach you anything weight loss or how to prevent obesity. I was so surprised when I realised something fundamental about snooker.
I cannot name a single snooker number one or world champion that had serious trouble with their weight during their triumphs.
Find out why I think this happens and how it can help you in part one of three.

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Obesity: What you can do

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Why is obesity prevalent now compared to 100 years ago or 1,000? and why is it also prevalent in the western developed nations but not less developed ones? The answer to these questions is wonderfully short and simple. Where obesity is prevalent two things have changed and completely disrupted the normal balancing act that the pre-existing cultures and lifestyles depended …

Obesity: Cell energy 101

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How do humans store and use energy? One of my friends just asked me to explain the obesity situation in terms of how humans store energy. Why is fat such a problem?  Good question. My reply is below. It’s a short introduction on energy and how humans use it. I’ve kept it very brief on purpose. Just explaining enough to …

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Confessions of a foodaholic

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It just occurred to me some common differences between larger people and thinner people. They’re just things that I’ve noticed but never really tested so they might be complete bull. But they give a little insight into how best the larger people might keep weight off by understanding themselves better. This isn’t the only explanation. There are a hundred different …