How insulin allows entry of glucose into cells

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I’ve mentioned the crucial role of glut 4 receptors in previous post. I just came across a journal article which was able to explain how insulin allows entry of glucose into cells and it was via glut 4 receptors.

This makes it clearer to me how exercise can directly influence risk of diabetes type 2.

This form of Diabetes is known to show a reduce sensitivity .to insulin. In turn insulin is less effective in controlling sugars particularly glucose uptake around the body. This research combined with previous research I have mentioned has the potential to tie this together.

Basically research here shows that the glut 4 receptor on cells respond to the presence of insulin by aiding transfer of glucose into or out of a cell. Previous research has shown that exercise has the ability to increase the number of glut 4 receptors on muscle cells in particular.

So exercise can increase the number of glut 4 receptors, glut 4 receptors are sensitive to insulin and transport glucode so exercise can increase insulin sensitivity and glucose control through increased glut 4 receptors

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