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How to lose weight: Find your weight loss dynamic

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Losing weight is all about setting up a weight loss dynamic which simply means figuring out what makes you gain weight, then changing the process to make you lose weight. The key is about constant learning by making it a part of your long term life. Something you do all the time or something you bring out when you need …

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How can you lose weight and be happy?

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I’m planning a series of articles on weight loss tips and weight loss resources. Something I’ve been researching for years. There is so much to say but of course so much has already been said. That’s why I thought I would start with something that seems to get forgotten. Happiness. Why are you trying to lose weight and particularly what …

Running or just moving. What is most important to losing weight?

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The question for this article is whether losing weight requires you to run or should you just move more in general including walking and standing more throughout the day. My wife Kat is exploring whether losing weight can be done through simply being more active throughout the day or whether more intense like running is necessary. She recently had a …

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Enjoyment is the way to go

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Adding enjoyment to my life is a main theme for me at the moment. I like to find a fun enjoyable way of doing whatever it is I want to do. Be it lose weight, cut down on red meat, whatever. The reasoning is that most of us, especially me respond most to things we like. If we have to …