Sleep: Natures fixer

Workouts are how you get strong right? Wrong!!! Yep, despite all the emphasis on lifting weights, running and all manner of ways to push your body not one of these things actually makes you stronger. 

How to make your work life healthy?

When I started Fit2Thrive I wanted to do a series of articles exploring how to embed healthy routines, including plenty of movement, into different lifestyles and occupations. People ask me how a lawyer, journalist, teacher or software developer could move throughout their day and they are surprised how many simple and easy answers I have.

Use grapes as a sauce for blackberry lattice pie

Use grapes as a sauce for a Blackberry lattice pie

I’m just trying to challenge your preconceptions. I’ve been looking for ways to spice up dessert and options other than cream. Creme fraiche is becoming a staple but I still wanted something else so I don’t get bored.

The best health resources

A set of posts I want to write are about the amazing people and references I have come across over time. I have learnt so much from these guys that I use to make every day more special so I want you to be able to benefit as I do.

Next steps: More posts or less?

So I’ve been thinking about the next steps for Fit2Thrive. I like a lot of the posts that I’ve created so far but I still need to explain more clearly the message behind the site. You see, for years I have been exploring human health and been convinced that there are easy ways to achieve great health for most people …

The mansion at Bletchley Park

The day I learned my grandad worked with a genius

It’s not everday that you find out that your grandad worked alongside a world renowned genius. I’m not sure how much you know about Milton Keynes, the city in which I live, but it continually astounds me that it is actually world famous. Not in an obvious way because plenty of people in the UK wouldn’t know where it is …

roasted apple cream tea

Roasted apple cream tea

I love fruit but I can get bored of it so I’m experimenting with ways to make it a little more exciting. This example is by cooking it to change its flavour and texture to make for a different experience.

Are you in touch with yourself?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the modern world what I think is wrong is how little we all know about ourselves. You see, I started to explain the basics behind fat loss to my wife and that led me to the core biological process behind metabolism. It’s no more complex than explaining photosynthesis yet it overwhelmed her.

Do you use fruit as a vitamin drink?

I’m not talking fruit juice. I’m talking fruit you buy at the grocers or super market or get in the garden. Apples. Pears. Oranges. Jut a simple point but when you want a drink your pour yourself something don’t you. A tea or coffee. A milkshake or got chocolate or just plain water or maybe a fruit juice. You are …

Are you the product of your environment?

Are you who you are because of the way you were born or because of how you were raised? This is the age old question of nature and nurture and I like to challenge you by asking this question about yourself. 1) Are you the same in all situations, no matter what pressures are on you, so you could argue that …

Each workout is a signal to your body to work properly

There are so many myths and misconceptions regarding exercise and movement that we generally miss the most important value of each workout or even each individual movement. As I said before the body is always trying to predict what it needs for the future and it takes your actions, not your thoughts, as a guide. This means that your daily …

What is the key to your workout?

Everyone of us has a different set of needs so when you workout, do you start by considering what you want your workout to achieve? I look at how a workout might influence your brain and what a walk in the woods with your kids can do for you. Ultimately it’s about you, what are your goals, what do you …

Focus on what you value most with Minimalism

I am Listening to a wonderful unstuckable podcast episode Episode 148: Minimalism Is Focusing On What You Value Most Says Joel Zaslofsky and loving it because I am hearing all about how to reduce your life down to what really matters.

Halving your shopping bill

I’m very proud to share my wife kats wonderful post on how to halve your shopping bill easily because it has worked wonderfully for us. It’s basically about the benefits of shopping online and we proved the value to ourselves this Christmas because for the first time in well over a year we actually did our big shop in store instead of …

Thursday linky lessons

So I have joined the weekly kids co-op link party and the thursday favorite things blog hop to find more great articles and bloggers. This is a collection of the great articles I found. 

Getting fit: New horizons

The trick I have always used in my life to achieve anything that seems impossible or difficult is to work at it every day. I often don’t do much but make sure I do something, no matter how small.