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Fun at the zoo. Whipsnade 2015

These photos simply capture a few special moments of this adventure. From the beautiful scenery in which this zoo resides to the wonderful animals and experiences you get to see and do.

You forget the challenges this put you through because you are simply enjoying yourself. It’s just a lovely way to get moving.

Play is training for the unexpected

Marc Bekoff


This is a story told in pictures with only a few words to inspire you to get healthy by making your own memories. All the theories and reasons why are explained elsewhere. This is just about smiles and giggles.

Beautiful scenery
There’s something different about this moose!!!
We got up high to see the giraffes
Pink flamingoes
Is it a a log or a play area?
Riding the hippos
They even have indoor play
We found the perfect toddler zoo themed plate that we still use
These lemurs came over and climbed on us!!!

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  1. Lovely to look back on a sunny day in the middle of winter. Whipsnade was my local wildlife park growing up and I have such fond memories from there. Great to see it is still popular today. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids and a very happy new year to you.

    1. Thanks Alison. They’re ace aren’t they and yes it is each time we’ve been we’ve had a blast.

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