Durdle Door and Portland: holiday adventures in Weymouth

Day 2 of our Weymouth holiday started with a trip to the famous Durdle Door and ended with a walk to portland along the road next to chesil beach.

Again it’s a story told in pictures and it was a day packed with stunning views, experiences and memories.


I’ll start with a few of the highlights





All that fun gave me these fitness stats. 10 miles, 22,000 and 192 active minutes and it was all worth it because 6 months later it is still one of the best memories of the year. Told you, there is so much active fun on holiday if you want it 🙂


Here is the full gallery

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  1. I love that you tell these stories in pictures and we see your family participating with you! 10 miles is a big day who says working out has to be torture! Great work!

    1. Post

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