Can takeaways be healthy?

On the face of it take away food is much more about entertainment than nutrition and so take away food is generally

  1. Over salted
  2. Over sugared
  3. Over the top

It’s like that mainly because we want to be entertained by takeaway food we don’t generally expect takeaway food to taste just like the healthier stuff we have at home. 

I say this because it helps me accept takeaway food for what it is , entertainment, instead of wholesome food, and this explanation makes it rally easy to explain how to make takeaway food healthier. 

It may not ever be as wholesome as a meal designed to be wholesome but I believe that if you can indulge yourself yet still have some wholesome aspects of the food then you are contributing to a true balanced diet. 

You will be teaching yourself and your family that wholesome food isn’t about one meal it’s about a lifestyle which balances entertaining indulgent food with wholesome more subtle meals too. 

My extremely simple answer is to eat left over takeaway with vegetables, pre cooked like courgettes or fresh like cucumber. So I keep pre cooked vegetables in the fridge for this reason. 


That is what you see here. Left over Chinese pork curry and chow mein with Roasted courgette and steamed sprouts.

I find the curry and chow mein too fatty and salty for my liking so I have less of them and tone the whole thing down. This means I can enjoy these leftovers because the flavours aren’t so loud it feels like they are shouting in my mouth and at the same time I’ve had one or two of my five vegetables a day. 

Sure it’s not perfect but it does

  1. Save me money. It cost virtually nothing
  2. Save me time. I have a meal or snack  in literally no time. 
  3. Save me effort.  I just have to reheat it all
  4. Make me stronger. I get much more of the nutrients I need
  5. Make me smile. I’m eating the food I like the way I want it and the way I need it. 

You get to choos what you add and how much. I’ve used

  1. Peas
  2. Carrots
  3. Cabbage
  4. Cauliflower 
  5. Lettuce
  6. Cucumber 
  7. Tomatoes. Roasted or fresh

To name just a few because you just use what you have around and what you want. 

So, what meal are you going to try this trick out on?

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