Swans and beaches: holiday adventures in Weymouth

I didn’t realise how special this day would be until we met the swans. I’m used to seeing them as one or two togethers, occasionally a small family group but never in large flocks and never up really close.

At Abbotsbury you get a truly unique experience seeing Swans up close and personal just wandering around in an environment where they clearly feel completely at home. To share this amazing experience with my family and introduce my little one to the wonders of nature in this way was fantastic.

These are some of the pics of the day to show you that while I was getting plenty of fitness stats for a lazy day I was really just having the time of my life.

Does he realise he’s got the best squat ever. Does he heck, he’s watching the beautiful swan with me

This is the swan we were watching. The best views are when you crouch down and get close

These are the stats. I will admit I was tired from the previous few days and I made this day more of a lazy one. Still pretty good stats though for a lazy day

We all forget but carrying people on your back combines elements of a squat, weighted stands and lunges and basically puts a load through your body that you have to support. It’s what we’re designed to do which is why it’s good for us when done right.

We had a little play around the park too

He absolutely loved it.

Chesil Beach

We had heard so much about Chesil beach we had to check it out.

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