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Can you really clear a foggy holiday head playing hide and seek and snacking on fruit?

Yesterday we spent our first family day gaming because our little one got his first console game and it was fantastic. We couldn’t believe how quickly he picks it all up and boy did we have fun. 

As a health coach I should be all about moving all the time and eating veggies every second right. Well… That’s kinda dull so I prefer to live life and make adjustments where necessary. 

Life must be lived as play.


So, yesterday was a recovery day much like many of the days through Christmas and just as on active days there are things I need to fix to make my health go smoothly. 
So all that playing which means I:

  1. Focused intensely 
  2. for hours
  3. lost track of food and drink intake
  4. and hardly moved

What happened to me happens to everybody but most people take pills which mask the effects but leave the problem.

Of course I fixed it instead of taking pills and now I look forward to tomorrow without fearing any after effects because taking care of recovery is a major key to health. 

Don’t carry over recovery if you don’t need to. 

The problem 

  1. Slight nausea.
  2. Tired eyes
  3. Head feeling tired
  4. Just feeling unwell

It was nothing bad but you know that feeling when you don’t want to eat anything because the thought of it makes you uncomfortable.  I’m not sure exactly how to describe it but this is the type of feeling I associate with festivities, often it’s when you’ve drunk a little too much but not this time and most importantly the fix is simple.

  1. Good hydration. 
  2. Movement 

The symptoms are just a sign of the need for these two things. 

  1. You need hydration not just water because water can go straight through you. Water with sugars and salts gets absorbed better and replaces the nutrients you lose. Though if water is all you have drink it don’t worry too much about the details but space it out a little over time so your body can absorb it. 
  2. Good movement helps the hydration get where it’s needed. If your head hurts from dehydration then chances are other parts of your body need it too. Your body is designed so that a little walk around the house or even standing a little can help juices get where they need to go. 

Quick fixes

I fixed it quickly and this is how:

  1. Hide and seek. Little man wanted to play. I couldn’t say no could I
  2. Fruit. Pears and clementines
  3. Watery veg. I needed the beef cracker pie dinner to be less heavy so I par boiled some cauliflower and sprouts (Christmas themed) using the water in the gravy. 

Now I feel great so I just wanted to share  the principles behind the simple fixes used. 

  1. I played with my son
  2. I had some snacks
  3. I had more veg with dinner

That’s all I did, It sounds like nothing but a good family day and it was. It just pays to value the little things like recovery 😀

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