The voice of an angel: Amira Willighagen 9 years old

Amira Willighagen was the last audition in Holland’s Got Talent 2013, held in October. By the time she hits her final note, you’ll be absolutely blown away.
I had to share just to have a record. Apparently she has never had a singing lesson in her life.

The first video above is  Amira Willighagens audition for Hollands got talent 2013.

Below she is singing Ave Maria in the semi finals.


In time it would be exciting to explore the reasons behind her skills. There is always a story that fits the result and that is what I find most interesting. I don’t know what her story is yet.

For now it’s just exciting to see this happen.

If anyone knows more about the story please update me in the comments below.

Read the full story at A 9 Year Old Girl Quietly Takes The Stage. What She Did Next Gave Me Chills I’ll Never Forget

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