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Can amazing abilities be taught?

I’ve been talking for a while how everything we see other people achieving we could actually achieve ourselves. We just need to learn to bring it out of us.

A couple of weeks ago I ate at a restaurant and the waitress showed exactly what I’m talking about. There were four of us and we had a lot to order. She didn’t write anything on a notepad though. She just remembered it. We all thought she was just showing off and it would all go horribly wrong.

Sure enough by the end of the meal she’d remembered all drinks, all 3 courses for each person, all the minor adjustments to the meals and the side orders. The only thing a machine did for her is add up the bill.

We were really impressed and debated whether she just has this really cool memory or if she learnt how to do it.
So I had to ask. As I thought, the answer was that she’d trained herself to do it. There are many techniques you can use that help you remember things by helping organise your brain but you have to work at them like anything else. That’s what she did. She used her job to train her brain. From what I could see it meant she found the job easier than other people because she was more self sufficient.

Just like derren brown and others. Who perform amazing feats both physical and mental. They all admit that they’ve trained themselves to do these things. Some say that makes it less interesting. For me it’s the opposite. To feel that I could do what they do is so inspiring.

That’s what I want to bring to education. To help connect people with these amazing feats. Give them the belief and the support to achieve them themselves. so they see that learning is the key to amazing things.

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