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13 Ways to Keep Your Debt from Holding You Back

To compete you must take risks and the way you go about this will define what you achieve. However the problem with taking risks is that you must recover because all risks generate their own debt and while some times this debt is small, many times its big and other times it’s hidden.

We see on the tennis court that Roger Federer has been the best at managing this risk so far. Winning 17 slams yet managing his risks so well he could recover for the next big test. 10 years in a row he maintained his epic quest without a break.

Rafa on the other hand has achieved great returns but his debts are much greater. He seems to limp from one injury to another often having many months off during his peaks.

What separates them is what separates us all, the way we approach risk. Rafa is constantly stressed panicking that his next match could be his last for a long time, while Roger assumes he has many more great matches to come. What came first, the mentality or the results? I tend to feel the results follow the process and most great champions bear this out, regardless of sport. They hit a place where they don’t panic and just trust their process. They let themselves be. This is a skill they learn from experience. Not generally something they were born with.

Over time I’m learning how valuable it is to always feed my desire to risk yet learn the skills of managing this constant pressure. Learning to handle the constant worry risk brings while improving my skills at minimising damage and recovering quickly.

I just read 13 Ways to Keep Your Debt from Holding You Back and I had to share it. It really resonated with me on many levels. Firstly it focuses on enjoying your life despite lots of debt. That’s a useful lesson in this climate isn’t it. Though I couldn’t help but read more deeply into the examples.

The article is about chasing your dreams it’s not about debt. So if you want to chase your dreams then the principles laid out apply in all aspects of your life. So if you want to succeed then this is a pretty good list to study. It tells you that success isn’t about what you have it’s what you do with it. That’s a mental skill that you can learn. How you apply these lessons is for you to figure out. It’s just nice to have somewhere to start.

So I hope it helps you as much as it has me. It’s not the first dealing with your debt type article I’ve read but it’s a particularly motivating and empowering one.

Checkout 13 Ways to Keep Your Debt from Holding You Back by Penelope Trunk


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