Trust me I’m a doctor: caffeine and migraine

I’ve been wanting to share this for a few months. Now that I have started some posts exploring migraine it’s time to share.

Episode 3 of the tv series Trust me I’m a doctor is amazing. It covers migraine and I have my special theory that it’s about the brain being overloaded and so training your brain should help.

Later they consider caffeine and explained that a single dose of a painkiller tablet (paracetamol plus for example) has 4 times more caffeine than a can of coke. My wife regularly has painkillers. These could both encourage migraines but also irritate her stomach.

Also they explained how oats can encourage the good bacteria better that pro biotics can. The fibre is used by bacteria to produce substances we need and also help waste travel through our bodies. I don’t see this particular nugget as a help for migraine. Its good for other things. It’s caffeine that is linked to migraine. I essentially think that caffeine is like activating turbo in your brain. It makes your brain run instead of walk so it gets tired sooner. Probably seems crazy to you but it fits perfectly what I experience when I have caffeine and what I see in others.

Most people who are fueled by caffeine get far more tired than those around them because they are using up their resources faster.

Think I’m wrong let me know. I like the debate. I either win or I learn 🙂

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