Serena Williams coaching setup

As part of my series of posts looking at the coaching setups of the top pro players Let’s look at Serena. Of course she grew up with her father Richard Williams as her main coach with her mother oracene supporting. She also had the best hitting partner you could ask for in the future number one and multi grand Slam winning Venus Williams. These days I believe her father is still involved but at much more of a distance. Patrick Mouratoglou is the main coach with Serena long term hitting partner Aleksandar “Sascha” Bajin providing a constant presence and ear.

What I understand about Patricks influence and approach is that he isn’t interested in changing her fundamental technique or style. There really isn’t much need is there. What he is working on is her mind and handling pressure. Generally it seems to be about being calm and channeling her nerves and aggression in more positive ways. It all sounds so obvious but putting this into practice is tricky. So far he seems to be doing a good job.

So, like all the top pros I have covered so far. Serena benefits from having a coach and actively seeks one out. It works though because the relationship works for the both of them. If it stops working the relationship will cease. That’s part of life isn’t it.

What do you think Serena needs to work on. If you were her coach what would you change?

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