Towers, Beach life, wet feet and more Jelly fish: holiday adventures in Weymouth

This was a quieter day but still so much fun because we started by getting a stunning aerial view of Weymouth from the Sealife Tower. That really gave us a perspective of the town and beautiful start to the day.

Then we just found a great spot on the beach, chilled out and played. The fun came in a very simple way, we went out into the sea together since it was really calm and warm. We quickly found out that it’s really shallow for a long, long way out so I was able to go 50 or so metres out before the water even came up to Nates knees.

This meant we could really explore and use the nets and bucket we had got another day. We found a lot of seaweed and just had fun playing, but then I noticed a jellyfish, much smaller than the one we found on the first day but still right there. It seemed to be dead so I wasn’t too worried but we had to catch it. That meant Nate got to see a jellyfish in its natural environment and started to learn about the fun of the sea.

The pics today just reflect quiet fun but also show all kinds of movement that you do in play that is good for you like squatting, bending, lieing down and basically using your body in lots of different ways because you’re doing lots of different things. The beauty is that it’s natural movement and not something you think about though it is something I now train for so I can do more of it and have more fun.

Later I had a little me time and explored the town a little making it as far as Nothe Forte to get some great pics and a gorgeous ice cream. Then I just rejoined the family and enjoyed the rest of the day.

There are no stats to show for this day because I forgot the fitbit that day. That is unfortunately one of the main problems of the fitness trackers I have used. Often I forget them on the most important day. Oh well, the point is still to show you that it’s the little things in your life that add up and that fun like this is the best way to move better.

It is for us and because we moved we had another epic day lived to the full 🙂

Weymouth sealife tower

What a view of weymouth beach front from the tower

Look daddy, I can’t see my feet !!!

Keep your eye out for sharks wee man !!!

What’s they daddy!!! I think that’s a Jellyfish little man.


I’m making a sand castle

He likes his independence 🙂

With a little me time I explored the other side of the harbour and found some beauty

The walk to Nothe Forte has some beautiful views. This was the path into the park.

Somehow this beautiful view is what greeted me in the park. It’s still a treasure to look at.

After my short trip I got back to the beach for some construction work.

Back in the water we’re dredging the sea and finding cool shells and other sea type stuff 🙂 You can really see how far out we were

Up close and personal with the jellyfish we brought back.

Just a photo I can’t stop looking at 🙂

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