Weymouth in 2015 was the best holiday ever

This holiday was the best it could be

Join me on my journey learning how to combine getting fit and healthy while having a fantastic time on holiday in Weymouth back in 2015 creating the best memories of the year

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Holiday adventures

The thing about life is that time is passing whether we like it or not and the only choice we have is how we spend that time.

In 2015 I combined getting fit and healthy while having a fantastic time on holiday in Weymouth.

It is still one of the best set of memories I made that year or any year but also one of the most active, playful and fun.

This holiday was my chance to put into practice all the learning and new habits I had been developing over the year and apply to them to a week long holiday.

We had everything we needed

The small things that we did every day made the big things easier.

Self development

An opportunity to put into practice all the learning and new habits we have been developing over the year

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Expand your mind


Expand your horizons

Our habits made our future

Having the best holiday was a result of our daily habits. We spent our year improving our habits so that when our holiday came we were able to ensure we had the best experience possible,

Living a life that heals us


Enjoying lifes moments

The memories we have of this holiday came from making the best of the time we had.

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Day 1

Jellyfish and Castles
  1. Health value of everyday activities
  2. Gain experience throughout the year
  3. Finding Jellyfish
  4. Exploring a castle
  5. The railway walk
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Day 2

Exploring Durdle Door and Portland

  1. Bones repond to challenge
  2. Capturing memories
  3. Epic pies
  4. modern diet with ancient principles
  5. Discovering naval history
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Day 3

Beach, sea life centre & Portland bill
  1. Rest days bring balance
  2. We require gentle movement
  3. Hidden benefits of regular movement
  4. Finding the Olympic rings
  5. Kids are close to nature
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Day 4

Swans and beaches
  1. Visit Abbotsbury Swannery
  2. Up close with nature
  3. The value of carrying things
  4. Visit Chesil beach
  5. Photography is good for you
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Day 5

Towers, Beach life, wet feet and more Jelly fish
  1. Sightseeing as meditation
  2. Effects of exploring in water
  3. Preventing injuries through better technique
  4. The forces of bending over
  5. Hunting and gathering
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Live a Fit2Thrive lifestyle

All other approaches to lifestyle ignore who you are and the life you have.

So they cannot get you where you want to be with what you have. 

Fit2Thrive does

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