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The energy flow of the universe

Had the wierdest vision out on my walk today. Just had to record it. Was listening to biota live podcast talking about emergence of life and the universe.

My mind wandered off visioning how the stars like our sun actually create the basic atoms in their huge furnaces. Then I imagined how the land emerges through volcanic eruptions and disappears through earthquakes with plates sliding underneath each other.

I then jumped to a vision where the universe could grow and contract by energy flowing into it through stars or some such hole and flow out again through black holes.

It’s a freaky notion but since concepts such as streing theory apparently imply the universe may have a different shape than we perceive then it might be possible.

It just seems a fascinating idea that the universe itself could be constantly growing and contracting just like the earth and that this constant change could be the flow required to produce life. Without it the universe might be stagnant and voisd of life.

Of course it’s just my imagination but it seems like a cool idea anyway

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