The Neuroscience of Memory – Eleanor Maguire

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In this engaging lecture the speaker Eleanor Maguire explains through demonstrations some of the peculiarities of memory to show that we often do not remember things exactly as they occurred yet we often believe we do. I learnt a lot about human memory years ago at school and it has stuck with me ever since because I know what it …

If Brains are Computers, Who Designs the Software? – with Daniel Dennett A royal institution lecture

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Oh my am I loving this lecture from the royal institute and Daniel Dennett. It is bringing to life so many of the thoughts and ideas I have had over the years of learning how humans work. How the brain works is just such a fascinating topic and Daniel has taken a unique and engaging approach to presenting his ideas. …

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Can training your nerves improve athletic performance?

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In the last post I asked Why train your nerves? It was a precursor to explaining the value of a healthy and strong nervous system to athletic performance. In fact it is little known that the reason sedentary people improve so much when they begin exercising is because their nervous system adapts very quickly. The reason for the inevitable plateau is …

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Why train your nerves?

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For many years I’ve noticed the forgotten aspect of training your nervous system and the adaptations it makes to support your activity underpins all the improvements you see. I read a beautiful research article named how brain cells change their tune and I felt it was time to explain mytheory that learning a skill depends on training our nerves.

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Think clearly: Warm up your brain

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Yes I believe you really do need to warm up your brain if you want to get the best out of it. In the process of writing a previous article about performing well when it counts I hit upon a way of explaining several theories I’ve yet to put to paper. Ok the basic concept I have about your brain needing to …

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How I think we learn: movements and other things

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To give you a quick insight into my view on the biology and psychology of learning I’ll focus on how we learn movements for sports. In explaining this I feel it offers insights into how we learn things generally. This concept simply sees movement as a product of the learning and shows how the two can be combined. Everything I’ve …