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Following on from the concept of flow. I then watched another really useful talk on the powerful link between creativity and play. Given that creativity is very much related to flow it becomes clear that when your work feels like play then you’ll be the most creative, particulary if you identify a purpose that you really identify with.

The talkcentres around the following principles
You need to develop a relationship of trust to both play and be creative so trust is key.
In terms of a process 3 steps or key elements were explained:
  1. explore: Become knowledgable in the task at hand. explore multiple solutions and combine them to find the best overall solution. go for quantity so you have multiple options and gain lots of experience in the field
  2. build: thinking with your hands. Make prototypes, something you can hold. A toothbrush stuck to a piece of wood so you and others can see and feel it in action and discuss it.
  3. roleplay: act it out. How you gain more empathy for the situation you’re designing for and create seamless and authentic experiences.

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