Play Care

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Tell me what you think of this phrase. We think of day care and we think of people taking care of our children or even as ourselves looking after our kids. 

So I like to take this one step further because I believe play is the highest form of learning and nurture. I love that our nursery is just full of high level learning dressed up as play, from boucny castle fun to visiting the beach to walking to the lake and feeding the ducks mini dude just gets so much from his play and his day.

Play care is what I really want for him as he grows and my aim is to provide that for him myself as much as I can. The more we play, particularly actively the more we gain in all areas and the better we bond. I know it’s not all about laughing all the time there really is a lot that goes into quality play but you see I am trained as a PE teacher and to teach through active play. I say to you that you can learn anything you need in life through play and I’m going to use it to teach my son.

That’s basically what most of my photos reflect, we play, we learn, we grow.

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