Disney movie Frozen and Toddler fun

If you haven’t already seen the Walt Disney animated film Frozen with your toddler then you really should. It’s the first film we have got through with our little 2 year old. He loved it.

There are so many characters to keep him entertained from a funny snowman called Olaf to a friendly reindeer and a family of trolls. That’s just a few.

We also really liked the songs. My favourite is “Let it go” sung by Idina Menzel. I had no idea but she is an internationally recognised singer. You can tell when she really lets rip.

Then there is “For the first time in forever”

Here is Kristen Bell who plays the main character Anna to tell you more about the film.

Of course he got a little tired throught the film but the great thing is that he just wants to lay on you and cuddle. That’s kinda easy in the cinema. Oh, and our little on is chatty. So the audience laughed a bunch of times when he commented on and laughed at the film. “Daddy, snowman has nose Ha, Ha, Ha”

Tons of fun 🙂

Let me know if you went to see it and how it went. Did your little one like it too?

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