Why I Started the day with a smile. Mince pies, pears, strawberries and grapes #roadtochristmas

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Today was one of those super busy change your plans at the last minute kind of mornings so this is one trick I use to make a celebration of it. The mince pies need toning down and the fruit often needs sweetening. The mince pies are clearly indulgent and the fruit is clearly healthy. Together they make gorgeous flavour and …

The mansion at Bletchley Park

The day I learned my grandad worked with a genius

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It’s not everyday that you find out that your grandad worked alongside a world renowned genius. I’m not sure how much you know about Milton Keynes, the city in which I live, but it continually astounds me that it is actually world famous. Not in an obvious way because plenty of people in the UK wouldn’t know where it is …

A quiet Sunday walk

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This is a view from one of the many parks in Milton Keynes. I took a stroll along the river and enjoyed the scenery and it did me so much good. It calmed me down and relieved the stress I was feeling. I felt the sun on my face and wind in my hair. Yes this is cliche but it …

A black and white photo of the church on my walk

The beauty in a walk

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Another photo from another walk. This is I believe a 12th century church reminding us brits of the norman conquest. It is also a pretty building in a lovely landscape. I had a little fun trying a black and white filter and in trying to find a good composition for the shot because I am a real beginner. It also …

Parenting workouts: Christmas lights switch on

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Over the last weekend, I had an experience that made me realize how tiring and challenging it could be for parents to take care of their little ones. We attended the MK official Christmas lights switch-on, and I had to carry my child for about one to two hours. It may not sound like much, but when everyone around you …

four person standing at top of grassy mountain

How to live my dream?

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This article is a continuation of the process I’m going through of achieving my dreams. Some parts of this process I want to share on blogger partly as a record and partly as a way of getting support and advice. The essence is that I’m spending these years learning more about how to live the dream I want in a …

girl wearing white floral dress beside grass plant at daytime

Does regular exercise improve the bodies ability to heal and restore?

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Just a thought but I was really active every day last week and by yesterday I felt that not only had I recovered but I’d now got so much more energy than I normally have at that time. I just kept wanting to go out and run for a couple of hours. Anything to be active. Even though I’d gone …

couple elderly man old

Does retirement mean retiring your body?

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Ok, here’s another one. Where is it in our ~DNA that say’s when we’re past 50 we just can’t do what we used to do? I’m serious. I haven’t found one scientific article or even one person that I’ve met in the gym or elsewhere that proves to me that our DNA first of all knows how old we are …