Getting fit: New horizons

Montreal skyline
Montreal winter skyline

The trick I have always used in my life to achieve anything that seems impossible or difficult is to work at it every day. I often don’t do much but make sure I do something, no matter how small.

The picture above of Montreal during winter reminds me of the beauty of the world outside. Just taking time to appreciate the beauty in my neighbourhood can add a little movement and improve my day.

I told you that I work towards Christmas all year and what I mean is that I have been spending each day trying ways to have fun and get fitter at the same time. I have been expanding my horizons so I can think in different ways and learn from other people and cultures to solve this health challenge we all face.

The beauty is that I now have another 365 chances to practice making the next Christmas brilliant and by then I will have become even more experienced. We all get good at stuff we do regularly and so between now and then I will work on a bunch of solutions for most of the challenges I am going to face. I will know how to really enjoy food in more situations and how to feel better and not worse through eating food I like.

I can also see the opportunities to move at home or elsewhere and I am well prepared to be able to move. Having a son is making it easier and not harder because I get to play with and support him. So being a parent is not the challenge to my health that it could be.

This was a post to remind myself of the opportunities I have if I open my eyes to them. How about you guys, since it’s the time for resolutions and new beginnings. What are you planning to explore this year to get stronger and fitter with your family or for your family? Maybe you have an idea I could try.


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