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Halving your shopping bill


I’m very proud to share my wife kats wonderful post on how to halve your shopping bill easily because it has worked wonderfully for us.

It’s basically about the benefits of shopping online and we proved the value to ourselves this Christmas because for the first time in well over a year we actually did our big shop in store instead of online. We didn’t even have our little man with us so we could be focused but pretty early on I felt we were breaking our budget.

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For the rest of the shop I couldn’t really enjoy the process of shopping for the big feast because I was worried what the total bill would be. So I saw lots of great food but I had to turn it down. At the till I found I was right, we hadn’t bought everything and we had still gone over budget. We never do that online!!!!

The problems in store are amplified because sorting through and putting things back is more awkward the bigger the shop. Shopping online was a challenge at first because we weren’t used to it and it was new. We use Tesco and I’ve heard differing results from friends when using different stores which is why we stick with our favourite because it was the first in Milton keynes to offer online shopping and click and collect and it seems to be the most organised.

So check out how to halve your shopping bill easily if you want to free up a little cash and a little time that you can spend doing something more fun.

As a workout

The value of online shopping as a workout would, you would think, be diminished if you remove the walk around the store but I would argue you get to focus on quality over quantity. You still have to load and unload the car, transport everything into the house and into the cupboards, fridge and freezer. It’s another mini weight training workout but now you have freed up some time and energy by not having to negotiate the store along with queue to pay and loading and unloading the trolley among all the other things you have to do.

Instead you can use this time for fun workouts like piggy back races, playdough or just a little more time for yourself to un wind. Either way it’s a win.

Here is a short example of how this applies the 3 Fit2Thrive principles

  • play: it’s just less stressful and more convenient
  • compete: it saves us time and money that we can spend on other things
  • create: Experimenting with online shopping until it worked for us was an investment

Thanks to @klchambers


If you want to find out how to get fit by doing the things you love like I do then checkout parent workouts

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