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Hunger tips

Part of making food fun is banishing hunger. When I’m celebrating, say at Christmas, I want to eat what I want. No restrictions. Then after in the new year and other times I still want to enjoy food but eat less of it and restore the balance to my weight.

Sounds simple but, if you’ve actually tried it, you’ll know that your body and the signals it gives you often get in the way. Hunger is obviously the main problem. When you go from eating a lot of anything to less you’re going to feel hungry. I also used to worry that maybe hunger was a sign that I was missing nutrients and stuff. Maybe by eating less I’m starving my body of vital stuff.

So I wrote about my experience with hunger and how I figured it out. Now I know how to adjust between times of plenty and times when I’m cutting down. I minimise the hunger and know why it’s there and how stop getting hungry. I’ve gained control. I know what I’m eating is good for me and giving me all I need. It’s not deficient and I know that I’ll be happy long term there are just a few days where my body and mind is adjusting so I have ways to make that much easier.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you.

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