Roger Federer coaching setup

I hadn’t realised that Roger has a similar setup to the rest of the top 4. A consistent coach you may or may not hear about all the time and a headline grabbing coach.

Rafa has Tony and Carlos Moya, French open champion
Novak has Marian Vajda and now Becker Wimbledon champion
Andy has ? and Lendl, Everything but wimbledon. OK so andy doesn’t have the same setup up. Maybe that’s part of his problem!!!

Consistent Coach

Rogers consistent coach is Severin Luthe
Coach Severin Lüthi: Roger Federer’s Rock – Off court – Credit Suisse

Headline Coach

Rogers headline coach has changed. It was Peter Carter, Peter Lundgren, Tony Roche, Paul Annacone Sampras former coach, now it’s Edberg wimbledon champion. The partnership is initially for 10 weeks.


Common wisdom says that Fed has tried periods without a coach but now I hear about Severin I wonder if that was ever true. I expect Feds relationship with his coaches has changed as maturation and experience takes hold. They won’t be the all knowing people they were to him when he was less experienced.At the top of the game though they become more important because they see what Roger sees and then some. They get to trade ideas with Roger sharing his experience from the court and the coach sharing experience from the stands. What I do see is that Roger values the input of others. All the profiles I have ever seen of him emphasise this aspect. His biographies do aswell. He changes coaches to learn more because he values outside knowledge.
I also feel the influence of his wife is key too. She may not be a coach but she is an ex WTA pro and they met while playing the 2000 Olympics. Agassi gives a clear insight into the benefits of having a wife who both understands and loves the game. She can help in both obvious and non obvious ways. She knows the demands he faces when he goes out on court. All the other wives and girlfriends can guess but she really knows thehm. Knows what her husband will need. I expect she also enjoys the life more. She will have plenty of her own friends and grew up on tour. I don’t expect the other wives and girlfriends to enjoy tennis and value the tour quite as much. With Steffi at his side Agassi went on for several more years. With Mirka I am hoping Fed will go on just as long. Being a contender throughout.

Reading the biography “Question for perfection” I notice Rogers trend of including ex players, often former touring pros in his coaching and management set up. LIke Reto Staubli. A former touring pro, Former Swiss national champion no less, Took on many of the duties of a coach including organising matches. 
The longest person I’ve collaborated with is Pierre Paganini; he was certainly a very important man in my early career.


Wikipedia: Roger Federer (Lists coaches roger has had)

Roger Feder: Quest for perfection by Rene Stauffer

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