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Does recovery determine longevity?

I feel it’s worth making a note that our ability to recover from what we are put through may affect both our mortality and how we feel right now and will feel in the future.

I’m not going to go into depth right now but I want to log this idea of an overarching theme. The idea that those people who age well may simply be following lifestyles that allow proper recovery. Those that live to a good age may do so because their lifestyles promote resistance to diseases, the best resistance is a lifestyle that allows sufficient recovery from the rigours of each day.

This view is very much coming as a summation of all I have learn recently and previous knowledge. The newer idea that cancer and heart disease could have some relation to diseases, the knowledge that busy lifestyles with little rest and relaxation make it difficult for the body to fight diseases. Also new products with chemical compositions where the effects on humans are unknown to a high degree have become more common place.

I also feel that humans, along with most species are used to this kind of abuse by ourselves and from the environment. It’s something we’ve all evolved to deal with, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Therefore our bodies already have mechanisms to deal with many of these problems. What we need to do is ensure we do all we came to help these recovery processes do a good job. That means learning about them, understanding what they need and making sure they get it.

I also feel that our bodies have developed to make this as simple as they can. Half of it is just to know our own limits.

I intend to return to this post in time to update it. For now this is a simple start.

Does recovery determine longevity? first appeared on my original blog.

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