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Glycation: it’s role in diabetes

I’ve just come across a biological process that’s new to me that’s related to diabetes in particular.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycation: when sugars combine with protein or fat without the help of enzymes. This is considered a reducing reaction much like oxidation and has been linked to certain diesaes such as diabetes

Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) are basically the products of glycation which is described above. they can either be formed outside the body, form example while roasting food the Maillard reaction encourages the sugars, proteins and fats to form AGEs which we then eat and absorb through out gut into our bodies.

Why am I reporting this?

To tell you the truth it’s because I just read about it. I was researching the temperature require for the Maillard reaction and found all this out. It sounds pretty detailed but I’ve yet to find out how it stacks up against other research etc. I just wanted to log it for later research.

Should I worry about this?
Well it’s just explaining a little more about the processes involved in the development of diseases. It hasn’t actually changed anything it’s just, for me, a fresh approach that fills in some of the gaps if it is true.

For me I still feel much of the attention is going into explaining causes of diseases such as diabetes getting worse. That’s cruical don’t get me wrong.

 However I feel that our body also has plenty of it’s own mechanisms to fix these diseases that it’s developed over millenia and all that’s happening is that our current way of life doesn’t help these processes. This isn’t a new concept. It’s what I believe it happening in the treatment of cancer.

Basically many of the intensive procedures unfortunately harm healthy cells as well as diseased ones and so open the body to secondary infections that wouldn’t be the case with other treatments.

New methods are working with nature more closely and enhancing and utilising the strengths that our immune systems already have to combat the cancer using the rules and laws that the body need to adhere to.

I’m just advocating this for the study of lifestyle and would like to know if anyone has evidence of natural ways to help coronary heart disease development

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