Nutrient families

One thing I’d really like to see in terms of educating children about vitamins, minerals and the like is to have a kid centred approach where the nutrients bccome part of a family and have their own attributes.

Something like the transformers and power rangers an so many other shows. The main characters each have their own special abilities which make them important. Kids learn about what each character can do through watching episodes where their skill becomes important.

All the vitamins and minerals are part of a big team. Each has their own specific job but also they can work with other nutrients to get a job done. Many of the vitmains are involved in the healing or maintenance process. So these characters would help keep the team fit and healthy.

Vitamin K has a spcecific role in blood clotting so it’s part of a fst response unit.

Several f the B vitamins are involved in the producing energy from food (the krebs cycle) so I’d expect these characters to be really fit and contribute to energy suppply of the group. Maybe the y make the food. Maybe the burn coal or someting. It depends on the story you puut the teams in and the backstory you give them.

I just feel this approach, though difficult (how do you make vitamin k look cool when it’s produced in the colon), would make nutrients accessible to kids and help them unerstand their wider role in everything. If you get the charracter names right it’ll also make it much easier for kids to remember each individual nutrient and then also their attributes.

It’s something I’d really like to see. If someone has already done it then I’d love t know about it. Otherwise I’d love some one to do it and then tell me about it. I feel as long as the info is presented correctly and made accessible then all this nutrition stuff actually bcomes very easy to understand and we’ll all be fitter and healthier as a result.

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