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Do you use fruit as a vitamin drink?

melon as a drink
melon as a drink

I’m not talking fruit juice. I’m talking fruit you buy at the grocers or super market or get in the garden. Apples. Pears. Oranges.

Jut a simple point but when you want a drink your pour yourself something don’t you. A tea or coffee. A milkshake or got chocolate or just plain water or maybe a fruit juice.

You are thirsty so your pour something and drink it to get rid of it that’s the way it’s done right. Well it’s how I think and it’s a habit that’s hard to break but we all struggle with getting our 5 a day without adding it as extra food on top if our normal intake and it’s just not convenient a lot of the time

So every so often when I’m thirsty I just have a piece of fruit or maybe several pieces. Pineapples. Grapes. Melons. Oranges. These are all obviously watery so it isn’t hard to understand but i so struggle to believe that an apple is really going to hydrate me it’s not got as much water as an orange but remember humans are over 90% water and we feel pretty solid don’t we so it is possible.

Any who I just thought I would share because it’s a very easy. Tasty way to do a lot with one action:

  • Get your 5 a day
  • Get water
  • Get fibre
  • Get vitamins
  • Save money if you do this instead of a more expensive drink
  • Set a good example

Eating grapes or oranges in front of my son when he is thirsty is hands down the easiest way to get him to drink. No cordial required and we often eat a whole punnet.

Depending on your approach to food this is either expensive or cheap. I do it when I can afford it and as a treat but it is a wonderful way to embellish your day and invest in yourself and those you love

There is also a large choice

  • Strawberries.
  • Raspberries
  • kiwi fruit
  • Peach

Aswell as the fruits already mentioned veg ainclude

  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Sweet corn

Obviously some are more refreshing than others and I often include a little water to make up any shortfall.

They key is that fruit is portable (because it doesn’t always need a container), biodegradeable and isotonic. Basically it is food that we are designed to eat and is designed for us but it is mostly flavoured and textured water.

So, do you use fruit as a drink? If so what do you use, if not what is stopping you?

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