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Getting your 5 a day: x ways to eat an apple

This article will show you how easy it is to fit an apple into your day.

We all know we need more fruit but actually including it is where we often fall down. Rather than see the fruit as something extra you have to add, why not see it as an opportunity to indluge yourself. Most fruit is high in nutrition and water and low in calories gram for gram. This makes is a perfect partner for indulgent foods that are high in calories and low in nutrition and water gram for gram.

So if you’re stuck for ways to get your 5 a day why not use fruit as a way to indulge:

  • sausages, and mash with apples
  • cider chicken
  • apple bread with bacon
  • cheese and apples
  • pork pie with apples
  • pork and apples or apple sauce
  • apple pie/crumble (for breakfast to start with 1 for the day)
  • apples with creme fraiche
  • With pancakes
  • With Toffee
  • With chocolate
  • a mincepie. To tone down the strong flavours of the mince pie

The idea is to learn how to balance your diet. By widening your choices and exploring different ideas you start to build your repertoire of dishes. This is a way to make your diet feel more indulgent and exciting while including the things both you and your body need.

So that is my list, I’d love to see yours. How do you include fruit like apples in your day?

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