Workout while learning

I’m pushing myself to produce a short course on metabolism because I want to produce it in a way that is new for me. I want to use video because I like the idea of going back to being a gym instructor and personal trainer. I can say so much more when I don’t have to write it down so I can speak much more freely.

The added advantage I am hoping to achieve is that I automatically produce video and audio. I find video easier to watch at work, you may be different. For me it is because I often don’t need to watch the whole video, I can just listen and do other things yet with reading I can’t do anything else. My entire concept is about getting things done whilst you learn about yourself and basically getting more done at once so producing videos seems to be an important step toward that.

Getting audio and therefore something you can listen to while you do these workouts is a benefit I really want to provide. It will probably be a challenge because video and audio are still different mediums but I have so little time it’s worth the effort if it works because I want you to use time listening to me as an excuse not just to invest in yourself through your ears but also a time to go and do stuff. You could go for a walk but in truth as a parent I tidy the house, do cooking or cleaning or DIY. These are the movements humans have always done, our houses are much nicer these days but these simple movements throughout the day are what we miss the most and do the most good.

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