Can takeaways be healthy?

On the face of it take away food is much more about entertainment than nutrition and so take away food is generally Over salted Over sugared Over the top It’s like that mainly because we want to be entertained by takeaway food we don’t generally expect takeaway food to taste just like the healthier stuff we have at home.  I …

Best Natural drinks: fruit juice or fruit chunks?

I woke up on Boxing Day happy but dehydrated so here is a quick fix that gets me back in the festive spirit. Because hangovers are 80% dehydration I used this trick enough yesterday to avoid the worst but if I don’t replenish my water stores along with nutrients then I will regret it. All I do is use fruit …

Learning to cook Tasty No effort food!!!

If you don’t think you can cook something gorgeous simple and healthy then try this idea out for size. The idea is that it’s an incredibly simple meal to cook but I show you how to upgrade something highly processed to something with added flavour, texture and nutrition. So I increase the quality but use cheap ingredients that I have …

Luscious Leftovers #roadtochristmas

My little ones birthday meant a lot of leftovers and a chance to sample new delights and save the effort of making anything. I had some special fig bread defrosted and I wanted something to go on it. I spied the party sausages in the fridge Et voila! Another flavour combination to celebrate the season. It’s a Simple trick but …

Improvised cream tea. Fruit sour dough creme fraiche will black currant jam and roasted pear

Roasted pear and fruit sour dough cream tea

After making a roasted apple cream tea I just had to try roasted pear and that was just as heavenly!!! It was an improvised cream tea of fruit sour dough creme fraiche with black currant jam and roasted pear

Use grapes as a sauce for blackberry lattice pie

Use grapes as a sauce for a Blackberry lattice pie

I’m just trying to challenge your preconceptions. I’ve been looking for ways to spice up dessert and options other than cream. Creme fraiche is becoming a staple but I still wanted something else so I don’t get bored.

roasted apple cream tea

Roasted apple cream tea

I love fruit but I can get bored of it so I’m experimenting with ways to make it a little more exciting. This example is by cooking it to change its flavour and texture to make for a different experience.

Do you use fruit as a vitamin drink?

I’m not talking fruit juice. I’m talking fruit you buy at the grocers or super market or get in the garden. Apples. Pears. Oranges. Jut a simple point but when you want a drink your pour yourself something don’t you. A tea or coffee. A milkshake or got chocolate or just plain water or maybe a fruit juice. You are …