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Does regular exercise improve the bodies ability to heal and restore?

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Just a thought but I was really active every day last week and by yesterday I felt that not only had I recovered but I’d now got so much more energy than I normally have at that time. I just kept wanting to go out and run for a couple of hours. Anything to be active. Even though I’d gone …

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Sport as an exam

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All parents want their kids to succeed and most agree the best route is through education and passing exams. The question is, what is a good education and what is the best preparation for exams. I think sport itself is one of the best forms of education out there and in terms of preparing you to not just pass exams …

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Maintain your strengths to live long and prosper

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Ok, anyone who reads my blog knows that I have a load of theories and ideas. Well here’s another one to try out and see if it floats or sinks. I’ve mentioned before in the article ‘What makes us kick the bucket’ that it’s possible that our bodies simply keep going until something happens that interrupts the normal processes of life and …

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Training your intake: Intermittent Fasting

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I’ve been reading a little about intermittent fasting from the modern forager site. It’s fascinating me. I’m reminded that every so often I actually feel absolutely stuffed but I haven’t been over-eating. It often feels like my body just needs a restfrom eating or something which is weird cos I’m kind of an eating machine when I want to be. …

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How to Grow a Super-Athlete

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A while ago an article really inspired me because it explained very clearly why people who do well at sports often practice in a very deliberate and patient way. Something which I’m not the best at. The trouble is I didn’t have this blog to record it and I couldn’t find any note about it. Anyway I finally found it …

Rating how you feel helps you train

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I decided to put something up here about RPE scales. These are the standard in measuring how hard some one is working without using any tools. It’ s a standardised scale of numbers associated with intensities that has been developed and verified by a scientist named Borg and is know as the Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion Scale. The scale …

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Are there 3 angles to being healthy and fighting the ageing process?

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just thought I’d post this to stimulate discussion and see what others think. I’m fascinated by the question ‘What makes us age?’. I hear the biological answer that each cell has a telomere which shortens as a cell divides. Ultimately each cell is only allowed to divide a certain number of times until it dies. The thing is that doesn’t actually explain …

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Repetition: A key to learning

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I just came across this way to explain why repetition is such an important part of learning. Let me know if this is helpful. I was the kid at school that always knew the answer to the teachers question. That’s not me bragging it’s when I first learned the value of repetition. I’d learnt this from my parents I think, …