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How to lose weight: Find your weight loss dynamic

Losing weight is all about setting up a weight loss dynamic which simply means figuring out what makes you gain weight, then changing the process to make you lose weight. The key is about constant learning by making it a part of your long term life. Something you do all the time or something you bring out when you need to lose a little weight. The confidence it gives you is crucial.

The question you must keep asking then is what makes you gain weight. It’s a very personal question to which you have to be totally honest. If you are not then you’ll be tackling the wrong problem. and that is just a waste of time.

Generally it’s complex too. One week I’m bored and there’s lots of food around, so I eat. Another week I’m on holiday, that’s my challenge right now. Its Christmas and there is just so much good food around to tempt me plus my regular routine is out the window so I have nothing to keep me on track. In fact there are tons of reasons why I put on weight and they change daily. So the only way I’ve learnt to deal with it all is to be aware, pay attention and be ready to explore and learn.

I know that I am good at things I do regularly and things I enjoy. Remember, the weight you lose in the short term isn’t important, it’s the long term that counts. Losing As little as 100 calories a day adds up to half a stone over a year. If you are 100 calories over you will put on weight, 100 calories under and you lost weight. With this principle I’ve made tiny tweaks to my daily routine that took advantage of this and then just chilled out. The big numbers really haven’t been as important as these small ones.

So, what’s your weight gain dynamic. Why do you put on weight? And what is your weight loss dynamic to reverse the trend. What is your equal and opposite reaction?

It always helps to have more ideas.

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