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Physical activity and children

This is a collection of notes that I need to organise into an actual article so my apologies for jumping the gun and hitting publish too soon. I have left it published because I want these links available to any one who needs them. My education was pre internet and references like this just were not available and these days I often find that good stuff is now out of print and very expensive to buy.

The list relates to background research I was doing on title of this article. I have since bought some of these and now that I am revisiting the article it has reminded me to get more of them so I can start writing the article itself.

I find many people ask for reference behind the articles I write so by starting with the references I hope it makes it easier to do any background reading and research you would like to do.

Background reading

Effects of Training and Disuse on Connective Tissue. Booth, Frank W.; Gould, Edwin W.

Sports injuries in children Chezhiyan Shanmugam and Nicola Maffulli

The Effects of Physical Activity on the Epiphyseal Growth Plates: A Review of the Literature on Normal Physiology and Clinical Implications Timothy A. Mirtz,a,c Judy P. Chandler,b and Christina M. Eyersb

Coaching young athletes

The Physiological and Psychological Development of the Adolescent by Joe Lewis

Growth maturation and physical activity: Book by Robert M. Malina (Author), Claude Bouchard (Author), Oded Bar-Or (Author)

Physical activity and healthClaude Bouchard , Steven Blair , William Haskell , Steven N. Blair

Physical activity and health: the evidence explained by Adrianne E. Hardman (Author), David J. Stensel (Author)

Physical Activity and Health: The Evidence Explained 3rd edition 2016

google search: physical development of a child 6-12 years

google search: physical activity and children’s development

google search: physical activity and children

google search: child growth plates and athletics

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