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Gullivers Dinosaur and Farm park: Part 2 The Farm

We carried on round the park and came to Gully’s farm. Nate was instantly impressed because there was a small park full of diggers and other toy machinery for him to play with. They had some hydraulic ones for big kids (dads) to play with in the corner but nate was happy with the smaller ones that he could ride. They had mechanical differ arms and after a little searching I found some sand he could dig up and play with. That was it; he was happy for ages, probably over half an hour and long enough for mummy to come and tell us to have some lunch.

It really was fun digging with him just for the sake of playing together.

After lunch I got a rest because nate played on another climbing frame while mummy kept an eye, then he played on the indoor play and took mummy with him. I had a little wander round their potting shed, it’s simple I know but I like that they have such simple things for little ones and parents to share. There were carrots, leek, onions and all sorts growing just like you see in books but I got to see a little how its done and if nate were there we could have had a go. I’m getting into gardening but don’t have much of a background so as simple as this is it’s nice to see how others actually do it.

There are plenty of animals to see and a few rides but what were the highlights were the barn right t the far end where we saw baby lambs, some pigs and ponies up close and back near the start where they had a digging area. They had made it like an allotment with all sorts of veg planted. If you found 3 carrots you take them to the cafe to get a certificate. We found three carrots and nate loved his certificate. whta he really loved was digging with his mum and dad and filling a wheel barrow. Simple fun, but it was brilliant. We were out in the sun, with extra layers on since it was quite windy, exploring and learning about the world around us. This is something that is great about it.

Getting out meant going back to the dino park and passing the diggers so Nate just had to stop there for a bit.

That’s about it. My wife felt it was a little pricey since many of the exhibits, particulalry in the farm are a little run down but for me the price is low considering that most things in milton keynes are expensive compared to other towns in the area. I really liked how hands on the farm is and that we didn’t have to spend any more money or wait. Peppa pig world was normal theme prk where it’s all about rides and waiting around and being entertained but not entertaining yourself. Today has been about creating our own fun with great toys and play areas which is what I love as a parent. It was like having my own farm to take play in for the day.

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What steps did we take?

The principles of Fit2Thrive are baked right into every day life so the better you get at it the easier it is to take a bunch of steps every day that invest in your health and happiness.

I’ve been doing this so long I manage to cram so many things into just one or two activities so I’ll just list some of the things we gained from today


  • I taught my little one how much fun it is to explore trails and find toys in nature like conkers, pine cones, sticks and holes
  • We found a wonderful new sand park with its own mechanical digger
  • We found a cool nature trail with windows and doors in trees and chairs for giants


  • Little ones need to learn about the world around them and he learnt about gravity, seeds, trees, and all the fun that a forest brings
  • We enjoyed spending time as a family. Work and other things get in the way but we forgot all that and just had fun together
  • It’s cheap, the food and drink in the lodge can add up but otherwise it’s only £2 parking and the rest is free. You’re allowed to bring your own food so it can be real cheap outdoor fun.


  • Got a dose of vitamin d
  • built up our resistance to skin cancer
  • Did a bunch of squats, shoulder raises, stretches and various other movements all as part of piggy backs, chasing and racing each other and exploring.

So that was our fun day and how it contributed to even more fun days throughout the year. We’ve found a wonderful new place to explore, had fun as a family and introduced our little one to the fun of exploring forests.

If you want to learn how this much fun can make you stronger then sign up to my newsletter or get in touch through social media or email.

Thanks a lot for listening and I hope you have a great day.


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