Laws defined in biomechanics

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Reading sportex medicine issue 18 oct 03.
There are now a few laws that can be applied to functional rehabilitation through biomechanics.
Wolfes law, davis' law, sensorimotor control and the specifity of muscle training. Also known as said or specific adaptation to imposed demands

Finally I've seen two laws defined for sports science. Finally they're coming up with laws.

Woolfes law
Bone remodels according to the forces imposed upon it.

Increasing the force transmitted through bone causes it to increasee its density and mechanical strength, whereas decreasing the force transmitted threough bone e.g immobilisation, bed rest, causes it to decrease its density and mechanical strength.

Wolfes law also states the specificity principle. That the remodelling is speicific to the area where force is applied and the type and degree of force applied.

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