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I want to be a pilot!!!: Battle of Britain

This is a video I took with my old phone at Duxford several years ago. I know it is not the highest quality I wanted to share it as part of my wider approach of living life and embracing hobbies and days out just for fun as a way to find balance and be healthy.

So whether you enjoy the video or not you can think about what I am doing at that point and what my day was like. I was not sitting down all day I was out having fun. I was not stressed though may be stress the experience was fun and this has an impact on our health much more than we realise.

So this video represents those times you went out and experienced something and recorded a memory that means something to you. When was the last time you did that? Are you planning any soon? let me know in the comments below and go make some memories. It will be good for you 🙂

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