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Fit for days out: Our day at the Olympics part one

A theme running through this blog is the idea of Life as play. Make the play in your life keep you healthy. This post comes from notes I made when I took my family to visit the 2012 London Olympics. What I keep noticing through life is that the really fun stuff takes a lot out of you. That’s great but it stands to reason that the fitter you are the more fun you can have without breaking or the less the fun will take out of you. Either way its worth getting fit so you can have more fun. I don’t hear many people talking about things this way so I thought I would share.

We are just coming home from the olympics and I am writing this on the train. We had a fantastic time and boy am I glad I’m fit. I have built up the ability to play 5 sets of tennis when needed and it made the day so much easier.

What you forget about these days out is the amount of walking, carrying, climbing and general movement you do. You really use your body a lot and even waiting around is tiring. So the day out is always physically, mentally and emotionally draining. You have a great time but you’re exhausted by the end.

I like sports because they train you in all these aspects. So does movement in general. I’ll run you through how tiring the day was and then how being active helped.

We had tickets to see the diving at the stratford olympic park. Sounds simple enough. Just hop on a train and go watch. Of course that wasn’t the case. It never is, particularly when you visit London. Here is the list of things we had to do to get there:

To watch the diving we

  • parked the car near milton keynes train station
  • walked to the station 
  • walked to the platform 
  • almost had to stand on the train. 
  • Walked to kings cross. 
  • Walked to board Javelin train to stratford. 
  • Walked across the park for 50 mins getting free water, and food and finding the park live event to pass the time waiting for the diving. 
  • walk 15 mins to the olympic shop.
  •  40 mins standing in long queue
  •  walked around the shop for 1 hour
  • 30 minutes walking to diving
  • walk up 15 flights of stairs
  • walk to our seats where it was very hot.

You probably think I’m being a bit over the top. I just wanted to show you how many things we had to do that were basically way beyond what we normally do in a day. Parking the car up and walking a short way to work, then walking around work a little is about all we do. Like most people who don’t use public transport. So seeing this list makes you realise just how much of a serious effort it is. To cap it off we were really tired for the next day or two because it was so intense.

So how do you find days out like this? Are they are breeze or do they leave you needing a day off?

Check out part two

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