What is the key to your workout?

Everyone of us has a different set of needs so when you workout, do you start by considering what you want your workout to achieve?

I look at how a workout might influence your brain and what a walk in the woods with your kids can do for you. Ultimately it’s about you, what are your goals, what do you want to achieve?

There are so many things a workout can do for you I thought I would start with something that is often low down on peoples lists, their mind and nervous system. You can train it but how many people realise they can, let alone set out to do precisely that. So I wanted to share I wonderful insight into the power or minds have over us.

How your brain can heal your body

The first post I want to share is an amazing insight into the amazing capacities our brains have.

How your brain can heal your body: Astonishing new research reveals the brain’s ability to rewire itself can conquer pain – and overcome ‘untreatable’ illnesses  via @MailOnline

This is a ground breaking article for me that raises my respect for the Daily Mail. I have known for years just how plastic the brain and nervous system is but most people don’t. So it is a real blessing.

I added this reference to my explanation of

It applies Fit2Thrive by:

  • Play: This shows the value of replacing pain with fun because joy is the opposite of pain.
  • Create: Teaches you the fundamental impact your nerves have on your health
  • Compete: That there is always something trying to change your focus. It is your job to keep the focus in the right direction.

Country kids: a walk in the woods

Country Kids A Woodland-Walk
Country kids: a woodland walk is by @mumturnedmom


This second post is about a trip out as a workout and getting you to think about what you can gain from this.

I really enjoy reading sara murrays blog and the country kids posts are a real treat. I just love the outdoors and she keeps sharing the fun she has outdoors with her kids.

Just reading these posts you quickly feel a lot of movement and calories have gone into creating the fun but it’s clear that

fun things are easy, boring things are hard

That is why achieving your movement and calorie goals and what else you’re aiming for is best achieved through a laugh and a giggle because it always ends up being easier that way.

A frozen waterfall!!
A frozen waterfall!!

Sara also uses the demands of the day as a way to get out and about which makes everything easier in the long run. She summed it all up with the quote

There is something magically good for the soul about sunlight streaming through trees and it is guaranteed to make me feel better. Watching the kids stride ahead, following the tree markers on the trail and taking such an interest in their surroundings makes me smile, and discovering a frozen waterfall was pretty special.

It applies Fit2Thrive by:

  • Play: Shows you that getting active outdoors is fun
  • Create: Creating Memories is good for you
  • Compete: That despite all the pressures on you there is always time for health and happiness

Country kids: a woodland walk is by @mumturnedmom

What is the key to your workout?

I’m working on a new product to help you get the most out of your workouts and I really value your opinion to help me perfect it. So my question for the week is

“what is the one crucial thing you need your workout to do?”

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  1. Firstly, thank you so much for mentioning my blog and my post 🙂 I often struggle to fit a ‘proper’ workout in to my day (my preference is running, it gives me exercise, fresh air and head space) so getting out with the kids, or walking to/from school and activities is often the way I do it!

    1. My pleasure sara. When you have kids It’s so hard to fit in a conventional workout. I work full time too and I just don’t get time.

      So the pics of you and your family enjoying a day out are a perfect example of combining movement and fun.

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