Focus on what you value most with Minimalism

I am Listening to a wonderful unstuckable podcast episode Episode 148: Minimalism Is Focusing On What You Value Most Says Joel Zaslofsky and loving it because I am hearing all about how to reduce your life down to what really matters.

What I am hearing about minimalism from Joel is what I am used to thinking of as the KISS principle which means Keep it simple stupid.

When asked what really set Joel on the path toward fulfillment what struck me is that he discovered the value of play, something the presenter picked up on and recommended playitaway which is a site by Charlie Hoehn describing how he found balance in his life simply by focusing on the power of play.

I had to make a note here because this reflects exactly what I have found and is the concept behind the play aspect of fit2thrive. I haven’t read the site or book yet but the review section certainly piqued my interest. One review said

“After reading your book, everything clicked for me… There are so many parts in it that I can relate to; the anxious feeling from coffee, lack of sleep, too much time spent on my laptop/iPhone, and so many other things… I can’t explain how nice it was to know that someone finally understood AND has solutions to change those feelings… The answers I’ve been searching for and asking doctors about for almost the last 3 years, you were able to summarize in one book.”

Joel makes a brilliant point

“choose uncertainty over unhappiness”

meaning that he chose to accept uncertainty but not unhappiness.

I’ll let you check out the full episode for more but I can’t really get enough of the message that life is to be lived so don’t let your fears rule you so I thought I would share the love.

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