The workout of visiting cats the musical london
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Parent Workouts: Cats the musical

The workout of visiting cats the musical londonMy wife and I really enjoy good musicals so a visit to Cats in London is a great way to create new memories. Though you wouldn’t realise that so much fun could be good for you so let me explain how and help you learn more about getting fit through having fun which is the concept of fit2thrive.

The beauty with this kind of play of visiting a musical, particularly some where further away, is that the workouts open to you are subtle and every where so it’s up to you where and if you take them.

The long term plan is really that you use these big exciting trips as a goal that you are working towards. The point is about practical fitness where your better health makes fun times even more fun and because I am a parent I call them parent workouts

The best kind of training though involves the life you want to live and visiting a musical is what many people would like to do. So I thought you might like to see just how going about such a fun day can actually give you a workout without you really noticing because most things are easy when you are having fun 🙂 so why don’t you use the fun to improve your health as well. That’s what I did when I visited the world cyclocross championships

I’ve tried to keep this post short so if you have questions please ask beacuse helping people get fitter and healthier is what I enjoy.

The workouts included:

  • Walking looking for food
  • Going without water. My wife Kat suffers badly from migraines and I know it is partly because she can’t go for long without water and most fun takes you out of your normal routine and strains your bodies ability to supply water. Sports science can tell you a lot about the effects this has.
  • Sitting down for a long time. It is more of a challenge than you would think and I found it hard. Having knees bent and stuck in a tight space. I have worked on this ability so it is getting easier but I am still not good at sitting, particularly in cramped seats.
  • Pacing yourself: Working and then travelling to london and maintaining your attention. The challenge of a long day.
  • Standing in line or in a queue, how long can you do this for. I actually use tennis and household chores like washing up to help. Strange but there is good logic.
  • Getting to sleep
  • Getting up the next day
  • If you travel by train then all the walking there and back is an added challenge

These may seem like strange items for a workout but the truth is that your whole lifestyle defines your health and not just the obvious stuff you are told about

What these exciting experiences do is give you a real personailised goal that is valuable to you and something you can treasure that will keep you motivated. Instead of aiming for a body shape you are aiming for an experience that you adore, something you love to do. The aim is that each experience gets better with less limitations and more possibilities.

The easiest way to find out how you can have this kind of fun and get fit at the same time is to check out getting fit:create memories and parent workouts for more ideas.

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