Pupils ditch chairs to stand at desks

What is the easiest way to be more active without adding lots more work to do? A lot of people feel standing at work instead of sitting is the answer. I happen to agree and I like how pervasive this new trend is starting to be.

Even a Melbourne school is encouraging students to stand during lessons. Standing does so much more for you than sitting getting your postural muscles involved in your daily life. Ensuring they are strong enough for the day. Putting pressure on your skeleton ensures it develops properly. It creates a need for stronger bones which is fulfilled by making better use of the calcium in your diet which is added to your bones. It even burns a few more calories as well.

Overall is makes sure you have more strength and energy when you get home at the end of the day because you’ve been that bit more active. Over time your body is just better prepared for an active life than if you are sedentary all day.

Kind of common sense isn’t it but embedding this into our culture is key. So schools are an excellent start.

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