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Growth hormone, ageing and mortality

Ok, this is an interesting hypothesis. Could it be possible that over eating inhibits growth hormone production which in turn reduces your lifespan?

How could that be?

Well there is already evidence mounting that eating too much can directly encourage ageing and premature death. Studies on mice indicated this initially.

Well I was just clearing out some shelves and I cae across my old copies of sports science magazines that I hadn’t got around to reading. I came across an article in edition 191 of peak performance (Jan 2004) that talks about how to maximise your bodies output of human growth hormone (hGH) naturally. It mentions that both high levels of carbohydrate and fats can inhibit growth hormone production.

This is, I think, the first time I’ve heard this. Maybe the research hasn’t held up over time. If it does though it would explain in some way the age related problems with eating too much. My assumption that if eating too much inhibits growth hormone production then your body will effectively waste away over time and fall into disrepair.

I’ve done a quick Google but found nothing strong either way. Either I’m not searching right or this specifiic area isn’t ccovered in depth yet.

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