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I don’t think there is anything wrong with the modern world what I think is wrong is how little we all know about ourselves.

You see, I started to explain the basics behind fat loss to my wife and that led me to the core biological process behind metabolism. It’s no more complex than explaining photosynthesis yet it overwhelmed her.

“Too much!!! Too much..” she said. “Slow down I can’t take it all in.”

“That’s my point” I said. “I can talk about photosynthesis to anyone I meet and they know it’s the process that plants use to get energy from sunlight.

Ask a group of people how plants trap energy from the sun and you will get a lot of good quality responses and a lovely conversation.

Ask people how cells turn the products of the plants work into energy they can use and you get blank stares and awkward silence”

This is the frustration I have had for years.

How come we think it’s more important to know how plants store energy than how humans use it. The obesity epidemic has arisen for precisely this reason because we know all sorts about cultivating plants in order to feed ourselves but we know next to nothing about cultivating our bodies in order to use the energy in the food we create properly.

All fuels cause damage

You see, all fuels cause damage when not properly handled and our bodies are no exception. Movement has always been natures method to get our bodies to handle energy properly which is why it is so crucial now that we have an almost limitless supply of food and thus energy.

The reason we are still so focused on understanding how to create food is because famines have raged terror on human civilisation since civilisation began.

How we use energy hasn’t been the big issue because everyone moved a lot because they had to and our biggest problem was getting enough energy in the first place

Yet can you tell me even the name of the process within all living cells that turns plant food into energy to facilitate life?

My question to you is that if you don’t know even the name of the process then how can you know how to lose weight? or how to help your kids prevent these modern diseases that arise from too much energy and no way to use it up

More fun

I want to talk to you about how to prevent bad backs, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and all the modern diseases of affluence.

I want to teach you how improving fitness will make your life more fun because fit people can do anything they want and fit people don’t hurt all the time. That’s what it’s about but true health and fitness is the product of how you live over a long time. It’s about learning lots of lessons not just one and working on yourself every day not just for a short period and then neglecting yourself. It’s about embracing who you are because health and fitness must come from within

So my long term goal is to get you fit and healthy, but it’s a long journey. So I asked myself what is the first step. The first lesson that will have the biggest impact for you and that underlies everything that I want to achieve?



The process that powers your dreams is the process that powers your body. To unlock your true potential It is critical that every one of the trillions of cells in your body be able to unlock the true potential of the energy stored in your body

How you move is nowhere near as important as what it does to your ability to burn fat over carbohydrate. What you need to do to encourage fat burning is the same whether your want to lose weight or get big and strong, run a long distance in a short time or simply take your family out for a big day of fun.

The better your body can use the resources at its disposal the more fun you can have and the more you will achieve

What you can do is help me make the course as accessible, clear and concise as possible so it has the maximum impact and the most fun.

This is why I am producing the course energy matters which explains in simple terms how to get your body to use energy properly.

So click here to sign up for energy matters and learn how you can in touch with the energy your body contains.

This is the first step to understanding what YOU can do to prevent or minimise these diseases for yourselves and for those you love and gaining the mastery and control over your body that you have always craved.

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