Do you know how to maximise your energy use?
How much energy do you have?

Are you struggling to get quality time for your family, quality time for yourself and stay fit, all at the same time?  Let me show you how you can do all these things well and do more of them.

Imagine a life where time with your family and loved ones makes you stronger and healthier. Where the tasks of providing for your family become a great work out and wonderful me time.

If this is what you are looking for then we share the same vision. After 25 years of research I’ve found a simple practical easy to apply formula that does all this and more. It’s worked wonders for my life and my family and I know it can for yours. If you want it to work for you too then get in touch to find out more.

Get involved

The course is currently under production and we are aiming for a start date the middle of March but I wanted to share some details early on to give you an opportunity to shape the contents. There are so many things I can tell you so I need to be super focused to ensure you get the maximise value for your time and money.

Secure your place

So here is a synopsis of the expected course and an opportunity for you to register your interest. There is limited availability and spaces are likely to fill up fast. If you have questions then please send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Parent Workouts

The course lays the foundation for what I call parent workouts which are workouts specifically designed for the challenges us parents face trying to invest in our health while raising a family and working, I work full time you may as well.

If you are like me then you need a workout that meets the following requirements:

  • Can be done any time and any where. For example you can do them when you are on your own minding your kids
  • you don’t like running late at night in the dark then you shouldn’t have to
  • You shouldn’t have to sweat, you can if you want to but you need a workout that you can do without needing a shower afterwards
  • You shouldn’t need to change clothes specifically for your workout
  • You need some workouts that give you ‘Me time’ while I get stuff done that needs to be done.
  • Something you can do with the kids or without.

Parent workouts are a busy parents dream because they combine two or three tasks into one so you might have the following tasks

  • The kids want to go to the zoo
  • You need to get in some cardio and weights
  • You need a change of pace because you’ve been stuck at home

The solution is to go play with your kids at the zoo. You spend the day walking, you might play chase or give piggybacks if you want a tougher workout but your mind will be on the fun of the zoo and spending quality time with your kids.

You’ll get out of the house and into nature and have plenty to take your mind off your normal routine. This all sounds a bit too good to be true but that is the secret I will let you in on. Losing, weight and improving your health should be fun. I’ll share some of the groundbreaking knowledge I have learnt to show you just how it works.

If a day at the zoo isn’t your cup of tea then we will find what is and show you how it will build your health. In all, the key benefits for you life include:

  • Activities that help you enjoy trips out more
  • Workouts that help you set the best example for your kids
  • In the comfort of your own home or at work.
  • Ways to burn calories and make your home nicer at the same time
  • Exercises that encourage constant movement throughout the day.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to make your workouts maximally effective. Whether they are in traditional locations like the gym or other places like your home or on an outing.

How to access the energy in your body:

The most common problem faced in health and fitness is the ability to access and regulate energy properly which makes maximising your ability to tap into the energy stores of your body the most important part of losing weight and getting healthy

This is true no matter what exercise, fitness or diet regime you follow so the information I share with you will boost the benefits of any other program you are following.

The problem is that in most peoples bodies, the trillions of cells that form their infrastructure, aren’t good at burning fuels in the first place. So when most people think they have burnt a lot of energy because their workout felt hard they are wrong. Their bodies inability to access fuel makes the workout feel harder because their body cannot fuel the activity. So their muscles run quickly through the limited stores they have in their cells and once they have run out the workout feels incredibly hard.

So you see it’s common for people to think they have transformed their body and burnt a huge number of calories when they haven’t and so they don’t get the results they were promised and they stop working on their health.

Let me show you how your body really works and how energy is really used within the body, after all if you want to shift fat then you need to make sure you body is able to get fat from the fat cells and get it into the muscles to fuel your workout. If that isn’t happening then you’re wasting your time and that isn’t good for any body.

The basics details of how your metabolism works

I will explain the basic maths behind improving your metabolism and how to access your energy.

Metabolism is presented as a mythical phenomenon and I’ve investigated it for decades. In truth the process is well understood but you need to know where to look to join all the dots. I will let you in on the critical understanding you need to understand just how your metabolism works.

We all know about photosynthesis which is how plants trap energy from the sun and store it and metabolism is a related process that all animals use to turn stored energy into usable energy.

These are the fundamental biological processes that fat loss depends on and what all diet and fitness plans depend on but very few are built with a knowledge of these basic processes and that is why they aren’t as easy as they should be.

The foundations of good metabolism

How to build a body with a strong metabolism that can access stored energy so you can maximise your ability to burn:

  • carbohydrate
  • fat
  • protein

Why time spent moving is crucial

These days we just don’t move often and we have limitless food but we still have problems sleeping. Oh, and our idea of relaxing is to eat more and move less. That’s a recipe for weight gain but the answer is simple and pain free.

Metabolisms role in health and illness

An added benefit to making your metabolism work properly is that you minimise your risk of the main preventable diseases of our time including:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Diabetes and Insulin resistance
  • Obesity
  • Even cancer

Course details

The content will be delivered through 4 one hour tutorials over one month.

  • There will be a recorded group session (possibly a google hangout) each week discussing that weeks learning. The recording will be available after the sessions for reference and for those who weren’t able to attend the session itself.
  • Twice-weekly coaching emails to inspire, challenge and educate
  • Unlimited online-support via social (for general course queries) and e-mail (for questions of a more personal nature)
  • Optional one-on-one coaching via e-mail, Skype or telephone (for added accountability, additional exercise modifications and video critique of form; not included in the cost of the course)
This will be a simple 4 week plan that will teach you lessons that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

How will I benefit?

You will learn

  • how to make any fitness program work for you
  • how to workout anywhere you choose
  • how to make any activity a healthy workout
  • how to enable your body to access all its stored energy and burn it efficiently for maximum weight loss
  • How to laugh with your family while burning a ton of fat
  • Many more tips and ideas to maximise your fat burning potential every day


Because this is the first time the course has run I am heavily discounting though I do want dedicated participants so there is a charge. The early bird price is £19 payable through paypal which is the price you will pay if you register now.

The normal price for the course will be £199 so you make a saving of £180

Only 8 spots are available and I don’t have more space so, once they are sold the offer will end.


To book your place on the course click the buy now button which will take you to paypal. You don’t have to be a paypal customer to use it.